Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 7: workshop alum

Dan, Tom (2010), Ted (2010), & Claire
Tuesday, 19jun12

A hard-working day, spent inside the spaceship lab. We got a lot of animation done, and there are miles to go before we sleep, but more tomorrow than tonight.

A visit from 2010 workshop alumni Ted Brandt and Tom Harley today cheered our afternoon. We discussed ancient vs. modern methods of puppet animation (After Effects vs. Paper cutout), and caught up with their recently post-school careers. Good to see you guys, and "hello!" to the rest of the old team: Julia, Christine, and Asel (note: find everyone)!

shot 28

That's what I did today. Plenty of excellent work from the whole team.

Sleep well, team, and see you tomorrow at the Art School Building.

Claire, Esther, Chris in central Wrexham.
Darren and Esther were part of a Glyndwr (then "Wrexham") team led by Matt Dewdney in 2008, who filled in for David Jones, who was our first contact with our British counterparts.

Darren is now teaching part-time at Glyndwr.

We bumped into Esther Williams (2010) today while out for lunch. She's plotting world travels for next year. : )

- Chris

Darren & Chris in the Creative Industries Centre.

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