Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 10: tidy up

A morning of tidying up loose ends (smoke animation, missing backgrounds, missing props, animation refinements), and a 6:30pm appointment for the screening.

What did we learn this time around?  Three important concepts were reinforced here:

1) Start with a coherent, engaging script and a visually-appealing story.
2) The reason why professional studios use After Effects to hit their production deadlines: it's powerful and efficient.
3) A cleanly-recorded, well thought-out soundtrack makes a big difference in the final impression.

Thanks to Glyndwr University Comics instructor Dan Berry, Simon Berry, and Tim Barnes for their script, and to Dan for the concept!

Thanks to Claire Fouquet, animation instructor at EESI for persevering through this, our seventh co-production (and third with Glyndwr University) - this project would never have continued were it not for her energy, enthusiasm, and directorial skills.

Thanks to our talented, dedicated, and hard-working team of students:

l'École Européene Supérieure de l'Image d'Angoulême et de Poitiers (EESI):
Audrey Hess
Léa Donadille
Nicolas Savoye
Amaury Trouvé

Glyndwr University:
Chris Lacey
George Roberts
Edgar Snowball
Lyndon White

The University of the Arts (UArts):
Amanda Bautista
Shannon Connor
Aleson Ho
Giselle Rosser

You did excellent work under intense and time-sensitive conditions.

And finally what was the experience like for you? How was working with peers from different countries? Did you notice differences in work habits? approach to content? aesthetics? Add your comments and your voice to the mix...

We're all tired, and of course glad to have reached the finished line, but also aware of the end of an experience whose full significance may take time to rise to the surface - there was a lot to digest. Thanks to everyone for their energy, positive attitude, and creativity!

cheers! merci! aloha!

Christopher Magee
Animation Instructor, UArts

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