Sunday, June 10, 2012


What'll we do? Who will do it? Where will we do it? When we will do it?

This year, it was decided that we animate one of Dan Berry's comics, "Cook with Dan", which involves Dan as a cooking show host, making lasagne, with some intervention from his studio crew (British and Italian) and outside callers (French and American).

EESI came to Philadelphia last year, and UArts and Glyndwr had been to France in previous years, so this time around we decided to invade England (more specifically Wales). The workshop was held just after the Annecy Animation Festival (rather than before) in order to ensure that all students were done with the school year so they could devote their full attention to this intensive project.

In terms of pre-production, Dan's brother Simon and his sonic collaborator Tim Barnes provided an excellent soundtrack from a script written by Dan, and graduating UArts senior Aleson Ho put in a late night creating the first draft of the storyboard:

page 1

This was fully digested by the EESI crew in Angoulême, who produced a revised version:

page 1

...along with some design ideas from EESI:



...which Chris put together into a rough animation test to see if After Effects would be a viable way of animating:

Dan puppet test

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