Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 2: animatics & puppets

Shannon Connor, Giselle Rosser, Aleson Ho, Amanda Bautista (UArts)

Digital puppets needed to be functional before any animation could begin. Dan drew, inked and painted his puppets by hand, creating exploded views of the characters so they could jointed digitally. This is a contemporary version of paper cutout, with the advantage that multiple duplicates could be made and shared, and the animation could be adjusted at any point. In paper cutout, once the action has been created, it cannot easily be edited without affecting what came before or after it.

Dan's task at this point involved the aforementioned puppet generation, including replacement parts to increase the puppets' expressivity: turned heads, eyes and eyebrows, mouths for lipsync, a variety of hand positions, props, and other bits and pieces.
Edgar Snowball & Lyndon White (Glyndwr University)

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