Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 5.5: out of the lab!

Yes, we hanged out a lot. Thanks to David Jones, who showed us around North Wales, where we walked across an Aqueduct the Romans would've have been impressed by, saw a music festival town preparing for a July onslaught, ate at the Bison Burger farm, crawled around Conwy Castle and its town-surrounding wall, which defended the British from the Welsh, tiptoed on Llandudno beach around the jellyfish, the wind, and the beach stones, and had something warm to drink in town. This was all topped off by a visit to American nostalgia at Frankie and Benny's diner once we rolled back into Wrexham.

Yesterday, while Claire and Dan attended an exposition of Rising Dan's work in London, the students and I went to Liverpool, me to see Beatle Beginnings, and the students on an equally spiritual journey to three of Liverpool's principal church edifices. Not the grimy industrial city of late '50's/early '60's lore anymore (or at least not the parts we saw), contemporary Liddypool is a mix of old and new, with its foot firmly planted in consumer havenism and the optimism of a future. A pleasant surprise and a worthwhile Magical Mystery Tour, I trod in cuban-heeled bootsteps in my jogging shoes.

Here at the onset of week two, it's only a matter of extended moments before Friday arrives and time has slipped by once again...nothing but the present lasts forever, and that for only a moment at a time.

Great lab, great collaborators, and, shock of shocks, it was sunny all day today.  : o

signing off from the nearly Apple-approved iMac paradise, looking forward to dinner and a good laundry session (happiness is warm clothes from the dryer),

- Chris

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